Reelables thin-film Bluetooth labels

Automated logistics, cold chain & inventory management.

What are Reelables?

Active beaconing Bluetooth, temperature logging, track and trace devices nearly as thin as RFID labels, with a robust, 40m range.

Designed to be integrated into your system with a low-level API. We also provide web and mobile based packaged solutions.

For keeping track of inventory, assets and orders. They're paper-thin, printable as media in direct thermal printers, and stick to shipments, boxes, or assets just like ordinary barcode labels.

What are Reelables?
Seamless provisioning

Reelables labels are activated and automatically associated with existing asset identifiers such as serial numbers, order IDs, or shipment tracking numbers.

They can also be printed with custom QR codes, barcodes or company logos.

Price point

Invented and engineered by Reelables for mass manufacturability and ultra low cost.

Supercharge your logistics

Package overheating

Avoid problems before they happen.
Know in real-time if an exception is about to occur.


Solve problems quickly and efficiently after the fact. Know what went wrong who was responsible, and when and where an exception occurred.

Use cases

Cold Chain Pharmaceuticals
and Perishables

Cold chain

+/- 0.5C temperature
Two week logging

Track and monitor temperature-critical shipments both inside and outside your logistics network.

Logistics and Shipping

Logistics and shipping

4x6 shipping labels
Aviation Safe

Add tracking capabilities without RFID infrastructure or choke point movement limitations.

Inventory Management
and Asset Tracking

Inventory management

Zone-based location and
custody reporting

Know exactly what's in stock, perform audits automatically, and refresh cyclic inventory counts in real-time.

Why Reelables?

The Reelables way

The Reelables way

Reelables Bluetooth labels ship on a reel. The reel goes into a printer.  Printed labels are automatically ready to track.

The old way

The old way

Active trackers are often complicated. They need to be turned on, then they need to be activated and paired. Someone needs to check the correct lights are on. In short, time consuming and easy to introduce manual error.

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